4H Students Ask For Help Learning Needlework Skills

Fargo Moorhead Quilters has been asked to help spread the word that the 4H Youth Development program is searching for tutors/teachers to teach needle arts to young people participating in 4H in Cass County.

If you are interested in working with a budding needlework artist, contact specialist April Berentson at the location below to be paired up with one of the students who expressed interest in learning the skills many of us learned from our grandmas or in Home Ec class.

AllNoneWest Fargo9
All of the above BeginnerFargo 15
All of themBeginnerBuffalo ND. Can come to Fargo easily. 12
CrochetBeginnerEmbden nd12
CrochetBeginnerSibley ND13
CrochetNoneChaffee, ND9
Either knitting or crochetNoneMoorhead6
KnittingNoneSibley ND9
Quilting, Knitting, and CrochetingBeginnerGalesburg, ND13
Sewing (1), knitting, crocheting (2)NoneFargo10
Sewing (clothing)BeginnerCasselton11
Sewing (clothing)BeginnerCasselton11,16
Sewing (clothing)BeginnerFargo13
Sewing (clothing)NoneFargo8
Sewing (clothing)NoneFargo10
Sewing (clothing)BeginnerCasselton 10
Sewing and knittingBeginnerFargo13
Sewing experienced. Left Hand Crochet Experienced/BeginnerBuffalo ND 15
Knitting / CrochetNoneCasselton, ND15

April Berntson
NDSU Extension/Cass County
4-H Youth Development
North Dakota State University

Office 1010 2nd Ave South
Mail:  Box 2806 Fargo, ND 58108-2806
p: 701-241-5700  f: 701-241-5935