Tip Of The Week: Preview Your Quilting Pattern

Have you ever worked through a wonderful pattern you just love and come up with a quilt top you love, but then come to a screeching halt at the dreaded phrase “Quilt As Desired”? What does that even mean? How do you know how to quilt your beloved quilt top with a pattern that will bring out its beauty? What if you choose wrong and have to spend ages picking out stitches you wish you hadn’t put in there?

One way to audition a quilting pattern comes from a home improvement store. Purchase a sheet of flexible acrylic plexiglass and a wet erasable marker. Since the plexi is clear, you can draw potential quilting pattern on it and see what it will look like on your quilt top. Don’t like it? Wipe it off and try another. Repeat until your find the perfect quilting pattern without taking a stitch.

PRO TIP: Wrap all 4 edges with tape so you don’t accidentally draw off the edge of your plexi. This stuff is CLEAR and unwrapped edges are INVISIBLE.