April 4B Project Update

From Vice President and project team leader Muriel Richardson

To date, the Fargo Moorhead Quilters have donated 40 quilts to the 4B unit, and we have two more dates for members and friends to complete their contributions.  We are low on volunteer quilters, so we are asking folks to try their own machine quilting.  It doesn’t matter how simple the machine quilting is, if it will hold the three layers together it will work!  This is the perfect project to practice your quilting skills. The recipients will appreciate your efforts.

Please remember these guidelines when making 4B quilts:

1. It must be a minimum of 60” by 80”
2. It must be machine washable
3. It must be machine quilted, no tied quilts
4. It must have an FMQ label

We will collect completed quilts (quilting, binding and label attached) at the July 15th picnic and at the Holiday Brunch on November 18th.  

Thank you to our members and friends who have participated in this worthy project. A special thank you to Kate Ulmer, Barb Zeleznik, Kendra Hull, and Kathy Melaas for all the work they have done to aid in the success of the project.