Metro Quilt Expo 2022 Highlights #8

Entries from our youngest quilters are always a highlight of the show.

Title: Lisa the Unicorn

Artist: Rylee Erickson
Quilted By: Self
Pattern Source: Elizabeth Hartman

“I like to write stories about mystical things so this was a cool project. The pattern is Lisa the Unicorn by Elizabeth Hartman. My favorite part of making a wall hanging was being able to sew it together and my least favorite part was cutting and ripping. “

Grandma note: “I helped Rylee by interpreting the pattern and mentoring her as she worked. I added a finger to help hold the ruler in place when she cut. Rylee did all the work – beginning to end.”
Title: Colors in the Wind

Artist: Emily Monson
Quilted By: Wendy Novak
Pattern Source: Original Design

“Varying colors of 5″ square batiks.”
Title: Baby Brother’s Quilt
Artist: Ruth Michels
Quilted By: Self
Pattern Source: Variation of snowball block, TV show inspired
“A quilt for a new baby brother”
Title: The Cool Quilt

Artist: Reuben Leibel
Quilted By: Self
Pattern Source: Original Design

“After I went to the last quilt show in 2019 I decided I wanted to make a quilt for the quilt show. Since I love football I decided to make a football quilt. I drew the full size image and traced it onto a fusible netting. I chose my own fabrics from Mama Virginia’s stash. Mama taught me how to press on the fusible and how to use the sewing machine. I think it is a cool quilt so that’s what I named it.

I am going to make another quilt for the next show…maybe a Lego. “
Title: Mermaids

Artist: Madeline Reese
Quilted by: Self
Pattern Source: Original Design

“My name is Maddie and I made this quilt for myself! My mom knows I love mermaids so she helped me pick out fabric and told me to draw out what I wanted my quilt to look like. She helped me a little, but I did most of it on my own!”