2019-2020 Guild Challenge Quilts

The pandemic lockdown was for the birds in more way than one. Having no meetings during the year of Covid prevented the quilts from being displayed at our annual picnic but they were finally brought out to play at the Metro Quilt Expo 2022.

The terms of the challenge:

  • Make a bird quilt of any style or technique
  • Use at least one square inch of each given fabric (black and white polka dot, and a grey print)
  • Minimum size 48″ perimeter
  • Maximum size 96″ perimeter
  • three layers quilted, not tied
Title: Polly

Artist: Mary Beth Engelke
Quilted By: Self
Pattern Source: Original Design

“2020 Guild Challenge
Bird on orange background.”
Title: Pretty Bird Pretty Bird

Artist: Susan Schock
Quilted By: Self
Pattern Source: Cold Finch by Sara Sporrer

“I made this quilt for the Guild Challenge 2020. The theme was “It’s For the Birds”. I really liked the fabrics chosen by Judith Eide. They were fun to use for the head, the body and the wing, and I added fabrics of m own. Inspired by a quilt card designed by Sarah Sporrer. Quilting brings me joy.”
Title: One (Goose) Fell Out of the Cuckoo’s Nest

Artist: Ann Burnett
Quilted By: Self
Pattern Source: googly eyes, cartoon clip art

“The 2021 Challenge inspired me to go quirky. You’ll notice the poor bird’s eyes are not aligned, and feathers are molting. Quilting followed the lines of the provided fabric, and in the white background, I quilted wings. The border follows the bird theme with flying geese.”
Title: Aurora Australis
Artist: Kim Baird
Quilted By: Self
Pattern Source: Original Design
“Looking at the challenge, I realized that black and white would make a good penguin. I used up most of the challenge fabric, I think.”
Title: Swan Salon

Artist: Deb Ormseth
Quilted By: Self
Pattern Source: Original design although the shape of the swan is based on free clipart

“The shy swan enters the Swan Salon for just a little treatment. Before she knows it, she’s been fully dyed and leaves ready to party. “
Title: Henrietta

Artist: Bonnie Anderson
Quilted By: Self
Pattern Source: Original Design

“Guild Challenge 2020. I think Henrietta shows off the black, white and grey feathers perfectly so I could use the 2 required fabrics. I chose to applique by hand, hand embroider and hand quilt this piece. I was inspired by the work of Mandy Pattullo and a photo I took of a hen at the Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton.”
Title: For The Birds

Artist: Shelley Folkedahl
Quilted By: Self
Pattern Source: Unknown
Title: Sing

Artist: Elaine Keller
Quilted By: Self
Pattern Source: Original Design

“This Henry Van Dyke quote is one of my favorites. So many times we don’t join in, contribute or do something because we are afraid we won’t be perfect or the best. We will not be good enough. Don’t let that stop you. Sing! Sing loud!”
Title: We Are Family

Artist: Barb Zeleznik
Quilted By: Self
Pattern Source: A Gathering by Barbara Persing

“When the Quilters’ Guild of North Dakota had a For The Birds challenge. I decided to use part of the pattern A Gathering by Barbara Persing. To make the eyes stand out a little I put a green sequins under the black button. “