Tip Of The Week: Erase The Easi(er) Way

Anyone who has marked quilt patterns with chalk longed for a way to mark that doesn’t easily rub off. Enter the innovation of Water Soluble Markers–Ta Da! You can make clean blue lines on your quilt top and they stay put until you spray it with water and the lines disappear. Mostly. Sometimes they come back and you have to wet your fabric again because there were spots you didn’t get quite wet enough. And sometimes you don’t want to completely soak your quilt just to get the lines out.

FM Quilter Amber Foley suggests an alternative solution – refillable water color brushes. You fill up the reservoir with plain water (distilled is best) and you brush over your markings with precision and control. Because they are refillable, they are more cost effective that the water erasers sold to quilters for the same purpose, which run dry and have to be purchased again. And only the lines get wet keeping the rest of your quilt dry.