Peacock Rangoli Quilt For Diwali

To commemorate the Indian festival Diwali, Sew Jahit was inspired to adapt a stunning rangoli by artist Jyoti Rathod into a beautiful peacock quilt. The mesmerizing YouTube video below shows the creation of the beautiful Rangoli Sew interpreted in fabric.

Sew Jahit has provided a tutorial and template for the design on her website. The size of 61 centimeters equals slightly more than 24 inches. She also provides the downloadable SVG files she used to precision cut the applique pieces with her Brother Cut-And-Sew, but the template included in the article can be used by quilters without a fabric cutter by enlarging the template and tracing the design using your prefered applique technique.

Rangoli is a popular Diwali tradition. These beautiful patterns are made using colored powders and flowers. People draw rangoli on the floor by the entrance of their homes to welcome the gods and bring good luck!

Diwali, which occurs on November 12th this year, is India’s festival of lights, the biggest and most important holiday celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains. The holidays particularly associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity. During Diwali, homes are decorated with rows of lights and lamps to help guide Lakshmi into their homes, bringing prosperity for the year to come. Diwali is a time to have fun with friends and family! People exchange gifts and sweets, enjoy delicious feasts, watch firework displays and wear new clothes. It’s a time to clean and decorate your home, too.