Highlights From Metro Quilt Expo #16

The great outdoors inspires many quilts with nature themes.

Title: Mom’s Final Quilt

Artists: Sarah & Emily Tron
Quilted By: Clem Buzick
Pattern Source: Solstice by Barbara Persing

“Mom started quilting in the mid-90’s after cross-stitching for years. It was fun to watch her talent grow. She really seemed to enjoy applique and paper piecing. She also loved to sit in her Adirondack chair next to a relaxing fire, so this quilt is exceptionally her. Thank you to Clem B, Virginia D. Sue G, my aunt Betty Jo Erickson, a very patient woman at Bay Window Quilt shop in Perham, and my sister, Emily Tron for helping me get mom’s last quilt finished!”
Title: Stonehenge

Artist: Lynette Winters
Quilted By: Self
Pattern Source: Pinterest

“My husband and I celebrated our 25th anniversary in London and saw Stonehenge. After purchasing this panel, I looked for pattern ideas. I saw a picture of a panel quilted on Pinterest that was similar to this design, that I created using the EQ8 computer software program.”
Title: Yellowstone Junior Rangers

Artist: Virginia Dambach
Quilted By: Self
Pattern Source: Original Design

“To commemorate our family trip to Yellowstone, I made each of my 3 grandchildren – Reuben, Judah, and Addison – who became Junior Rangers a wall hanging to display their Yellowstone badge along with others they might earn. The three pieces of the displayed tryptic are similar but not identical, featuring waterfall, geyser, elk, bear, and other motifs. The two boys have dinosaur bone ribbon trim while Addy’s trim is squirrels. The children each hang their piece in their rooms.”
Title: Tropical Bugs and Lizards

Artist: Judy Gnoinsky
Quilted By: Self
Pattern Source: Maple Island Quilts Diva 2

“I loved making this quilt with such colorful fabric. I also enjoyed the seek and find of all the tropical critters. I was fortunate to find a matching quilting pattern which can be seen on the back the best.”