Highlights from Metro Quilt Expo #15

It may be true that “a rose is a rose is a rose” but quilters’ portrayal of flowers runs the gamut of style and it seems, as in nature, no two are alike.

Title: Dinah’s Ancestral Garden

Artist: Virginia Dambach
Quilted By: Clem Busik
Pattern Source: Mix of original designs (edelweiss, gardenia. cosmos, orchid, violets & venus flytrap) with others designed by Kumiko Sudo (hydrangea), Nancy Pearson (sweet pea vine) and numerous books.

“Dinah’s Ancestral Garden was made when my grand daughter moved to her “big girl” bed. Each flower is a favorite of a family member – Great Grandma Mary (morning glory), Great Grandma Ruby (zinnia), Great Grandma Rita (gardenia) along with a host of aunts, uncles, siblings and friends. Names are embroidered in a subtle pale green on each block. Broderie Perse butterflies grace the quilt along with borders of hexagon flowers, braids, and flying geese. All flowers are hand appliqued and names are hand embroidered using a variety of stitches.”
Title: Pretty Little Pots

Artist: Cindy Gerken
Quilted By: Self
Pattern Source: Wendy Williams

“The sweet little flowers in the blocks of this quilt taught me many new embroidery stitches and allowed me to dig through my Kaffe scraps while slowly passing the hours during the pandemic.”
Title: Indigo Flower Pot

Artist: Cindy Galliger
Quilted By: Barb Simmons
Pattern Source: Sue Spargo Class

“This was a class I took at Madeline Island School of Arts in Lapointe, WI in 2019.”
Title: Blue Flower
Artist: Karla Rose Hanson
Quilted By: Clem Busik
Pattern Source: Original Design
“The purpose of this original-design quilt was to stretch my improvisational skills and use up some scraps. I machine pieced and hand appliqued the top, and the talented Clem Buzick quilted it.”