FMQ Workshop Students Learned A Lot

During our Weekend With Kathleen Moorhead Johnson, students in the Antelope Valley all day workshop were put through their paces. The pattern required extensive precision cutting and piecing to achieve the curved effect of the pattern. The scenes below show our students at work.

Applique queen Virginia Dambach found the workshop to be “my idea of purgatory” but many of our other students enjoyed learning the techniques from an experience teacher. Even Virginia admitted that having Kathleen as a teacher made the pattern “do-able.”

The Machine Applique With Buttonhole Stitch workshop gave students an new approach to doing applique. As one quilter pointed out with arthritis, there will be a lot more machine applique and less hand sewing in her future.

Fargo Moorhead Quilters than our excellent teach Kathleen Moorhead Johnson for her skill and instruction.