Quilts on Display Everywhere Possible

The mission of Fargo Moorhead Quilters is to spread the joy of quilting and one way we do that is to share our quilts with as many people as possible. Our very first quilt show was in the hallways of the West Acres Mall and we have frequently returned to display our pieces of quilted art. One favorite venue was a show in the food  court of the mall. The 24 gallery niches were filled with quilts from our members, many of which were winners at past quilt shows.

Neckties Galore by Julie Richardson on the left, Sunset on the Serengeti by Bonnie Anderson on the right

The quilts remained on view through the Memorial Day weekend leading up to our first Metro Quilt Expo by special request of West Acres.

Thanks to everyone who loaned quilts for this show:

  • Bonnie Anderson     
  • Hazel Ashworth     
  • Kim Baird     
  • Clem Buzick     
  • Virginia Dambach     
  • Clare Degerness   
  •  Judith Eide     
  • Elaine Keller     
  • Stephanie Lacher     
  • Pat Link         
  • Barb Nicholson   
  •  Julie Richardson     
  • Muriel Richardson     
  • Susan Schock     
  • Peggy Spitzer     
  • Kim Stenehjem     
  • Barb Zeleznik

Thanks to Carol Schlossman and West Acres staff for hanging and labeling the quilts.

Thanks to Kim Baird, assisted by Virginia Dambach and Barb Nicholson, for putting the show together.