New Membership Cards Do Double Duty

Were you surprised to get a new membership card? It was time to re-order cards, since we were running out. Of course, the new one should feature our new name and logo.

We took a leaf from Minnesota Quilters’ book and made the card into a nametag as well. To keep it fresh and safe, we’ve given you a badge holder. You can just slip this in your purse as is, or you can wear it to our meetings.

This particular holder is designed to be worn any way you prefer. Want it pinned on? A pinback can be glued to the back. Need a clip to attach to pocket or collar? Those and elastic bands are available to buy from office supply stores.

If you don’t want to pin into your clothes, a lanyard is perfect. You probably have a few in your junk drawer, or make a fancy one. You could just use a ribbon, cord, or a strip of selvedge.

Perhaps the Rolls Royce of badge holders is the 2-piece magnet. Walmart and Home Depot sell them.