Holiday Block Exchange Coming Soon

Our Holiday Brunch is in November, and we would like to get the festivities started by asking our members to participate in a Block Exchange. This year we’ll be making the simple but versatile Trailing Square Block

The Block Exchange is a voluntary participation where members are asked to sew a provided block pattern and bring the block(or blocks) to the Brunch where your name is entered into a drawing for a chance to win a bundle. The blocks are counted and divided into bundles. A drawing is then held and, depending a number of bundles will be given away depending on how many blocks are provided.

Last year’s blocks were all donated to a make a 4Bs quilt. (Just a suggestion.) Download the directions for the block here and make up as many as you want in the fun colors suggested. A great way to reduce your stash a little to make room for a little holiday fabric shopping maybe?