Highlights of Metro Quilt Expo 2022 #9

The snow is almost all gone so while we wait for the leaves to appear, the grass to green up, and our gardens to be bursting with flowers, let’s look at some of the wonderful color from our last Metro Quilt Expo.

Title: August

Artist: Jean Anderson
Quilted By: Clem Busik
Pattern Source: Elizabeth Hartman

“I saw this pattern in Grand Forks on last years shop hop. I like Elizabeth Hartman’s patterns and this one was different from her usual. Pieced it one section at a time which made it more doable for me.”
Title: New Beginnings

Artist: Cathy Eagan
Quilted By: Clem Busik
Pattern Source: BH&G – Cottage Romance Scrap Quilt

“I made this quilt for my younger, single brother. I gave it to him on Christmas morning. When he saw it he was speechless and close to tears. He thinks it is the most beautiful quilt he ha ever seen, a masterpiece and should win FIRST Place! Knowing how much he loves his quilt and me, I’ve already won First Place.”
Title: Kaffe Chutney

Artist: Connie Wood
Quilted By: Diane Bentley
Pattern Source: Cranberry Chutney by Kenna Ogg

“I have never seen a Kaffe Fasset fabric I didn’t love! This pattern really showcases all the bright colors and exuberant designs so characteristic of this fabric line.”
Title: Stepping Sideways Over the Rainbow

Artist: Connie Wood
Quilted By: Jace Hannagir
Pattern Source: Modern Selvage Quilting by Riel Nason

“Confession: I am a recovering selvage addict! I have selvages stashed through out my home and have been known to buy fabric solely for the selvage! This is one of my favorite selvage quilts. Piecing with selvages is relaxing; I enjoy the texture the strips create. Using these selvages is like walking down a quilting memory lane of previous projects. I particularly like the Dr. Seuss pieced backing!”
160-DSC01851 b

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