Highlights from Metro Quilt Expo 2022 #13

Nothing says summer better than a crisp blue and white quilt. These beauties are pure summer.

Title: Sea Glass

Artist: Kim Stenehjem
Quilted By: Clem Busik
Pattern Source: Amy Gibson pattern on Craftsy

“I love lightweight summer quilts, and blue and white quilts, and quilts with interesting finishes. This one ticks all the boxes.”
Title: The Julie Quilt

Artist: Barbara Lamb
Quilted By: Self
Pattern Source: Traditional

“I was working on the quilt blocks when my daughter, Julie, was undergoing cancer treatment. When the top was completed I couldn’t decide how to quilt it. One night after returning home from her home in St. Paul, I looked at the quilt top and thought we were going in circles. Thus the quilting.”
Title: Baby Jane

Artist: Mary Rose
Quilted By: Self
Pattern Source: Blocks from “In Time of War”, a quilt of 225 blocks made by Jane Stickle of Vermont in 1863

“These 121 blocks are original designs by Jane Stickle of Vermont, used in here remarkable 1863 hand-made quilt, “In Time of War”, which contained 169 (4.5″) miniature unique blocks and borders using her original designs in 56 cone-shaped blocks. My quilt features my favorites of her design, and like hers, it is hand-pieced, hand-appliqued, and hand-quilted…and has a scalloped border, as hers does. However, I had the benefit of electric lights and accurate tools!”