4Bs Quilts Find New Homes With Veterans

This summer, Fargo Moorhead Quilters launched a new service project under the leadership of co-vice presidents Muriel Richardson and Barb Zeleznik. With the goal of providing quilts to veterans receiving inpatient care at the Veterans Hospital in Fargo. Our first accumulation of donated quilts walked the runway at our Holiday Brunch in November and have now been delivered to the veterans in the hospital. What a lovely gift for the holiday season.

The quilts were very much appreciated and will be distributed to each veteran who comes to the hospital for in-patient care. One thoughtful touch was the labels attached to each quilt that can be signed by the quilters who created the quilt. According to Steven Sanders, a specialist in the Center for Development and Civic Engagement, it will mean a lot to the veteran who receives a quilt knowing that it was made by someone from the community, and that the maker cared enough to invest their time and creativity in sewing a quilt to show appreciation for their service.

4Bs Quilts will be a yearlong project with the next gathering-in of donations to take place during National Quilt Day on March 18th at our regular meet up. Here’s the link to the requirements for donated quilts. You do not need to be a member of FMQuilters to donate a quilt to the project.