Tips Of The Week: Taming Machine Appliqué

A survey of students who enrolled in Kathleen Kelly Johnson’s Machine Appliqué With Buttonhole half day generated a number of tips to make machine applique a little easier.

Off the top of my head, I can think of two: 1) Using a heavier weight thread on the top of the machine to stand out and give a vintage look and using a fine, matching thread to disappear into the applique. 2) Cutting away the center of the fusing material before attaching to the fabric. 

Millie Penuel

I had an applique pressing sheet that I did not know how to use.  After the workshop, I will now be able to use it.  Parchment paper will do the same for us as I also learned how to pull my threads to the back – to be tied off. 

Peggy Meyer

At the machine workshop, it was the first time I appliquéd.  Everything was new to me.  I learned I should have used stabilizer, parchment paper works great for ironing fusible fabric, and how to cut out shapes without the middles makes it easier to fuse!!

Heather Hafele

Kathleen’s education session for appliqué was a game changer for me!  I have dabbled in appliqué but never felt confident with it until Kim’s lesson. I love the look of appliqués projects but have avoided them.  I won’t any more!  

Key take-always for me.  
1. Printing the appliqué pattern pieces onto the adhesive paper – I don’t like tracing so this was awesome!  
2. Placing the appliqué pieces under the appliqué pressing sheet and fusing them together before fusing them to the background fabric.  
3.  The details she provided about which stitch to select on a machine, ratio of stitch length to width, and how to approach corners and points.  

Lowann Krueger