Tip of the Week: Sharpen Your Rotary Cutting

At our May meetup, Jennifer Lefor introduced us to a surprising tool that should be in every quilter’s toolbox: A roll of painter’s tape.

Ever had your fabric slip while cutting along with your rotary cutter? If you put three strips of painters tape on the underside of your ruler at the width mark you’re using, it creates a little shelf that will keep the fabric from slipping inward from the pressure of your rotary cutter.

It will also give you a reminder of the width you’re cutting. Don’t you hate it when you find you have thirteen strips of 5 inch width and one of 4 3/4 inches. The painter tape gives you a consistent mark so you odn’t have to rely on memory to get exact cuts.

Because painters tape is made to be easily peeled away from the surface it adheres to, you don’t get sticky glue left behind when you take it off.