Tip of the Week: Persist!

Beginning quilter Heather Hafele has advice that’s good for quilters of all levels after she took Kathleen Moorhead Johnson’s Antelope Valley workshop.

I would say, keep going,  you’re not going to learn everything at once. Yes, Virginia is correct,  log cabin quilts are purgatory!! I learn something every time I quilt. Somedays, walk away!! When you’re really frustrated!! But each quilt something gets better, cutting skills, seam allowance, and you start learning the language.  Nesting, Jelly rolls, flying geese, cakes…..they mean something different in the quilting world.  

My advice is to just keep going.  It gets addicting and you get better and better. .

Clearly Heather took her own advice. Here’s a look at the blocks she’s made since the end of the workshop.