Tip Of The Week: Keep Your Quilt’s Whites White

We all love the crispness of white in a two color quilt but sometimes it loses something in the implementation. Here’s a few tips to get clean white in your quilts:

  • Use a white batting. If you use natural or off white batting, it’s going to show through a little and dull down the whiteness of the fabric.
  • When pressing, press the seams to the darker fabric so the color doesn’t ghost through. If that is not possible, press the seam open.
  • Test your fabrics for colorfastness and wash them with a color catcher sheet until all excess dye is washed out to reduce the chances of bleeding.
  • Snip all your threads on the back of your quilt shorter than your seam allowance. A stray thread will show up if it migrates under a white fabric.