Sign Up! FMQ 2023 Resolution Quilt Challenge

Most (not all, but most) quilters I know have a few (or many) Unfinished Objects aka UFOs sitting on a shelf stashed away in their sewing space. Some may be projects that do not stand a chance for being finished. Others are ones that we still like and would love to see done, but we just have not made the commitment to work on them. They nag at us but our good intentions for getting to them “one of these days” fall by the wayside.

Can you relate? If so, this challenge is for you and you’re in charge! Pick out one of your UFOs and “resolve” to finish it this year. Your project becomes your Resolution Quilt. It goes from sitting on the shelf to action 😊. As part of the challenge, you will get encouragement along the way and will know that fellow quilters are working alongside you. Best of all, what a sense of accomplishment you will have when it is completed!

Here are the guidelines. They are simple (and there is no deadline for sign up):

  1. You may choose any fiber art project; does not have to be a full-sized quilt
  2. Your project should have been with you for at least a year (the longer the better!) and you may enter more than one project
  3. There is a $5 fee. There will be a small prize for every completed project
  4. There also will be drawings for extra prizes; your name will be entered for each project you complete
  5. The first round of finished projects will be revealed at the June meeting (this year at Lindenwood). The end date for the challenge is the October meeting.
  6. You may sign up at any FMQ meeting; on the website here; or mail your printed form to: Marcia Retzer 44 Prairiewood Dr S, Fargo ND 58103
  7. Questions? Contact Marcia at (701) 261-7837 or

Even if you wish to pay by check, click the Pay Challenge Fee button and select Pay By Check from the payment options area. This will give you a printable form to include with your check and reserve your place immediately.