Rock the 2022 Holiday Block

This year’s holiday block starts with at least 28 inches of three 1-1/2″ strips: 2 strips of color and one white OR 2 strips of white and one color. Suggested colors are blues, greens, reds, and blue purples. Your name will be submitted for every block you make into the drawing.  You can make a quilt with your winnings or donated the blocks to the 4B project.

  • Sew a color and white strip of fabric together. Press towards the color.  If using two strips of color, sew the second color strip on the other side of the white fabric. Press towards the color.  If using two strips of white, sew the white strips on each side of the color fabric. Press towards the color fabric. The strip set should measure 3-1/2″ wide by length of fabric.
  • Sub-cut the strip set into 3-1/2″ segments so that you have 3-1/2″ squares. You will need 8 of them.
  • Whatever fabric you use for the center of the strip set, cut a 3-1/2″ square for the center of the block.
  • Layout according to the picture.
  • The completed block should measure 9-1/2” square.  
  • Contact Kate Ulmer with questions.   Her email is