Quilts of Valor

Members and supporters of Fargo Moorhead Quilters have been active participants in the area Quilts of Valor project. Quilts made for Quilts of Valor project are given to a service member or veteran touched by way as an expression of our profound appreciation for their service.

To qualify for inclusion in the Quilt of Valor program, the national Quilt of Valor Foundation has published these guidelines:

Choose Your Fabric and Patterns

  • Fabric used for a Quilt of Valor should be quality 100% cotton fabric appropriate for adults.
  • A Quilt of Valor does not have to be red, white and blue, but patriotic colors are very popular with recipients. 
  • Patterns and blocks can be of any design suitable for a patriotic theme. Browse patterns.
  • Avoid juvenile, gender or branch specific fabrics, unless the recipient is known to you.

Put It All Together

  • The recommended size of a Quilt of Valor is 60″ x 80″; it must be a minimum of 55″ x 65″ and maximum of 72″ x 90.
  • The Quilt consists of a top, batting, and backing.  It must be machine or hand quilted. A tied quilt is not acceptable for a Quilt of Valor.
  • Backings provided to The LongArmy Volunteer must be 8″ wider in width and 8″ longer in length.
  • QOVF Members in good standing may request quilting of their tops by a LongArmy Volunteer, free of charge.
  • Use quality, low loft batting such as cotton, cotton blends, polyester or polyester blends.  Quilting should be appropriate for the quilt and not overly dense, which can reduce the loft of the quilt.
  • Double fold, also known as French Fold, binding is recommended for durability. Hand stitch or neatly machine stitch binding.
  • A Quilt of Valor must be labeled as such, and include the name of the veteran or service member.  See our Policies and Procedures for additional information.

Free Patterns

Quilts of Valor may be made from any quilt pattern as long as the size requirements are followed.  The ones offered at this link are a very small selection of patterns available.