Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum Exhibits: Call For Entries

The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Denver has issued a call for entries in three upcoming exhibit in 2024-25.

M EN’S EXHIBIT 2024 is RMQM’s 17th exhibit of quilts made by men since its opening in 1990.This biennial tradition lives on as visitors love seeing quilts made by men! This year’s challenge encourages quilters to express their talents through the range of colors and design patterns that show off their favorite techniques, passion for the art of quilting, and provides a glimpse into the quilters’ creative expression. Selected quilts will be exhibited at RMQM January 15 through April 20, 2024.

EVOLUTIONS 2024 is an open challenge to all quilters and fiber artists in celebration of one’s own personal journey in the quilting arts. Evolution can be defined as growth—a process of continuous change, from lower to higher or from simpler to more complex. Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum challenges you to create your concept of an evolution quilt the represents your transition in the art of quilting. Interpret evolutions any way you choose—on a personal level, on a global level, or perhaps related to changes and growth of your favorite means of creative expression, the quilt. There are no design restrictions. Selected quilts will be exhibited at RMQM April 22, 2024 through July 20, 2024. Ribbons will be awarded for first, second, and third place; the first place winner will be awarded a solo exhibit at RMQM in 2025.

ENGLISH PAPER PIECING! Bravo to all of the English paper piecing quilters among us. You have conquered one of the most intimidating hand stitching methods. But, once you try it, it’s easier than you think. All that’s required is the time and determination to take on what can be perceived as tedious. In this call for entry challenge, stitchers are asked to create a theme-based quilt that incorporates your favorite motifs: fussy cut, floral, Millefiori style, to name a few. Selected quilts will be exhibited at RMQM October 21, 2024 through January 13, 2025.