Volunteers Needed

If you were one of the those who said they would love to volunteer when needed but couldn’t make the commitment to be on a team that time, here’s an opportunity for you to join in.

Assistant To The Secretary
In the event that our secretary is unable to attend any Board of Directors meeting, the Backup Secretary will take minutes of the meeting and forward them to the Secretary for proofreading and formatting.

Time commitment: 2 hours while meeting takes place

Hosts are needed at each meeting to:

  • Greet quilters as they come in the door
  • Ask them to sign the door prize sheet
  • Identify new members and provide them their new name badge if they don’t already have it
  • Provide guests of members with the Guest badge and a membership flier if they want one
  • Point out the coffee machine and treats

Time commitment: 1/2 hour before the meeting

Volunteer Sign Up Sheet